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Data Analyst Intern

We are looking for someone who seeks to learn and get hands on experience in the field of Data Science. If chosen, you will be working with the Chief Technology Officer of the company assisting him to gather interpret and present data to CEO. You will be learning how to generate valuable leads for a sales team of real-estate agents. And many other tasks necessary in the field of data.

What you will learn
  1. advanced excel techniques that you will not learn in school like:
a.     effective tested techniques for clean and organize messy data from unstructured sources
                                                             i.     how to delete blank rows or whichever series of row necessary, without the use of time-consuming Macros
b.     never use VLOOKUP() again
c.      much more
2.     MS ACCESS
a.     How to Use MS Access to analyses much more data in more complex ways than Excel ever could by not using access as a relational database
                                                             i.     Excel starts to become unusable once you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of rows
                                                            ii.     These techniques are much faster in access than MYSQL because of Access’ UI
                                                          iii.     Once you are dealing with millions of rows access becomes unusable -- given
b.     How to know whether to use Excel or Access for each task
3.     The latest practical marketing techniques
4.     Data Gathering Techniques invaluable in field of Real Estate that can take months to discover on your own
5.     Lead Generation Techniques
a.     How to use various webservice in conjunction in order to build a Lead Generation Machine
b.     Overview of different webservices
                                                             i.     Many of these services can be used together to produce incredible results example
1.     You can use a service to generate names and addresses use that data to produce emails, use that that data to produce phone numbers and online profiles, use that data to generate consumer profiles, use those consumer profiles to generate your target market use that data to generate lead lists
6.     Python Programing
a.     Web Scraping
b.     Web Bot Programing
c.      Manipulating datasets too large for excel with python
7.     Overview of opportunities in the field of Data Science and Marketing
a.     Big data
                                                             i.     Hadoop
b.     Artificial Intelligence
c.      more
8.     Shadowing/Mentorship from the CTO
·        Comfortable with excel
·        Open Minded
·        Attention to detail
Preferences (not necessary)
·        Some knowledge of data management
·        Familiar with lookup functions
·        Some programing knowledge
·        Access

Compensation: Unpaid

Wythe Capital Trust specializes in the sourcing of off-market properties across the state of Florida. Wythe Capital Trust's goal is to deliver investment opportunities that meet our investors criteria. At any given moment, we have single-family homes, multi-family properties, as well as vacant parcels of land for sale. Some of the properties we sell are distressed and require significant rehab while others are turn-key.